About Us

The 10 Rules of Social Marketing were developed for a class project in 2014 by five students at the University of Waterloo in Canada. The project was led by Dr. Jennifer Lynes, and the rules were presented as a poster presentation at the 2015 World Social Marketing Conference in Sydney, Australia. The iCtrlShift blog was created to continue the discussion and improvement of these rules. The purpose of the blog has evolved in the last few years to incorporate more general discussions around social marketing principles, and help to spread social marketing principles.

Alison Carlyle – Founder & Editor

AlisonCurrently working in research and monitoring to support the active travel movement in Scotland. Recently finished a Masters of Science in Social Marketing from the University of Brighton and always interested in learning more about #socmar.

Sophie Sanniti 10 Rules Co-Author & Contributing Blogger

sophia_sanniti-e1507685461708.jpgKnowledgeable academic and community #activist driven by an earnest passion for the 🌍 planet. Currently pursuing a PhD in Ecological and Social Sustainability at the University of Waterloo, investigating the unconscious #drivers of unsustainable habits and behaviours.
T: @sophiesanniti





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