“The only time you should look ever look back is to see how far you’ve come.” -Unknown

It’s ICTRLSHIFT’s half-year anniversary! Join us as we look back at what we have done, and be a part of what we do next!

Ideas Start at the University of Waterloo

Jennifer Lynes, an Associate Professor at the University of Waterloo’s School of Environment, Enterprise and Development (SEED), challenged a group of us to absorb as much as we could about social marketing.

So, we poured over academic literature and case studies. And, we opened our eyes to all the social marketing going on around us – TV commercials, community events, products, posters etc.

All of which evolved into the 10 Rules of Social Marketing.

Rule # 1: Lights, Camera, Action (example: Wasting Water is Weird)

Rule # 3: Check out the Trendsetters (example: OPOWER)

It did not end there…

Upon graduation, we created the ICTRLSHIFT blog to continue our learning and engage with others. Specifically, we wanted to know what you think of the 10 rules, and how relevant they are to environmental and sustainability behaviour change campaigns.

Social Marketing Rulebook

We took a page out of our social marketing rulebook and established SMART goals for our blog early on.

Rule # 8: Be SMART

smart goals

Our goals hold us accountable for the number of blog posts, and type of blog posts each month. They also serve as proof that we are having an impact. We just have to remember to monitor impact where we can, so that if we see ineffective engagement we can make changes.

Where We (+You) Are Going Next

We glanced back to see how far we have come. Now we need to focus on where we go next.

This June we will be exploring how we can improve ICTRLSHIFT’s engagement with you. Help us out by sharing what you want or need from a behaviour change blog!


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