Do Good Get Good: A Message from GOODCoins

This week Danielle Harper, Product Manager at Zerofootprint, has joined our conversation to share how GOODcoins promotes alternative transportation. She is also going to give us the inside scoop on what we can expect next from the GOODcoins platform.

GOODcoins in my Pocket

I don’t own a car, so by default my options for getting around are quite sustainable. I can carpool, take public transit, and walk.  If I was more coordinated I could also cycle.

Me on two wheels= disaster


This is great news for my personal health and for the environment.  But it’s even better news for my wallet.  Not only do I save money, but thanks to GOODcoins I can earn products that I would otherwise purchase.

Right now, I’ve got my sights on a robe.  After I complete a couple dozen walking challenges it will be mine, because I’ve got GOODcoins in my pocket!

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Motivate, Measure, and Sustain Behaviour Change with GOODcoins

GOODcoins is a social engagement web and mobile platform that rewards positive behaviours with a socially and environmentally conscious “carrot”. The idea is that anything that can be measured can be rewarded intrinsically and extrinsically. “It’s a do good get good system”, said Danielle.

A little bit more about GOODcoins:

Target Audience: ages 20-35

Danielle explained, “They are the ideal target for GOODcoins because they are quick to grasp new technology and are more health and socially conscious than any other generation.”

Communication Channels: social media, e-mail, and events “GOODcoins is currently developing the social aspects of our program so it will be a very exciting thing to interact with our members through the platform itself.” shared Danielle.
KPI’s: distance; duration of physical activities; social media reach; visits to website and apps; and participation and completion rates of challenges GOODcoins uses a baseline to determine behaviour change.

Good Spills Over

Doing good with GOODcoins is like paying it forward, to yourself, to the environment, and to society. For instance, when I walk to work I am choosing to be more active, which is important to my health.  I am also choosing to take a car off the road, which is good for the environment.  Finally, when I have earned enough GOODcoins I can choose to purchase a socially and environmentally conscious product for myself (my dream robe), or I can make a donation to organization that does good (like the SPCA, or United Way).

 “Exciting news…

GOODcoins is changing up the way they do challenges starting May 1st, so its members can earn even more rewards! Now you can walk, run or cycle for 30 minutes to receive rewards daily. If you do any of these activities for 30 minutes everyday for an entire calendar month, you will be entered into a draw to win a BONUS prize! They will still have featured challenges throughout the month, so keep checking back for more ways to earn.

AND the GOODcoins app will soon measure steps! GOODcoins has decided to incorporate step counting in the app so that members do not have to connect to another device if they do not want to. Expect to see the updated version of the GOODcoins app in the App Store and Play Store by the end of the month.”

 We look forward to seeing what kind of impact it has on people’s motivations and abilities to do good and get good!


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