Squeeze in Activity – Not Into Your Jeans

Does your exercise routine start and end with the corpse pose? I, like so many others, have failed to keep my “get fit” New Year’s resolution in the past. And like so many others, I have decided to give it one more go. This year I am going to take steps towards a fit me.  Best part? I don’t have to step inside the gym.

Bit About Me

In high school I was pretty active. Then I went to University and became a cat-loving [okay I already was…], coffee-dependent, wine-drinking, couch potato.  I tried to fight my couch potato tendencies in a number of ways, including:

  1. participating in a psychology experiment – my roommate can confirm this
  2. recruiting a gym buddy
  3. writing in a fitness journal
  4. introducing a pedometer challenge at workpedometer 2

Methods 1-3 were short-lived, but the pedometer challenge mindset stuck. So much so that I backpacked across Europe with a pedometer! Entering into a house renovation, I also had a good understanding of how active I was going to be.

My intention of taking on Sneak It In Week is to reinforce the idea that small actions can have big consequences.  I won’t always have big ticket activities like climbing to the top of the London Monument, or demolishing a basement to reach my fitness quota. Instead, my little actions will add up!

Why Sneak It In?

The Sneak It In Campaign is directed at individuals who live a busy but sedentary lifestyle. The week long campaign promotes activities that take as little as 10 minutes and can be squeezed into the work day. Practical, huh!

My Sneaky Ways

Some of the ways that I sneak activity into my day include:

  • Parking further away [driving and cycling are the only reasonable options in my town]
  • Volunteering for active chores around the house
    • Stacking wood
    • Vacuuming
    • Shoveling snow (… it doesn’t snow much here so this was a bit of a cop out)
  • Suggesting active hang-outs
    • Walking with friends

As you can see, I kept it easy, practical, and social. And, while I doubt I will be stacking wood when I start a full-time job I will be able to substitute this activity with:

  • Walking to work [or combine walking with public transit]
  • Taking the stairs
  • Walking during my breaks
  • Walking or taking public transit to offsite meeting locations
  • Testing out “walking meetings” with like-minded individuals

I will also be able to take advantage of the reminders and prompts that the campaign developed (see below).

Door Hanger

door hanger

What I Think About the Campaign

The campaign is a good kick-starter for desk bound individuals; however without goal-setting, measurement, and evaluation components it is hard to say just how much more active I am.  I would use the Sneak It In resources to reintroduce the idea of activity at work and to get people on board and excited about a longer goal-oriented challenge.

Wahoo Hmm…
Targeted a unique audience [desk-bound individuals] 7 days is not enough time to develop a habit
Identified time as a common barrier for fitness and addressed it

●     week long challenge

●     10 minute intervals

Lacks goal-setting component
Tools and resources are available for download online Disappointed that they don’t encourage pro environmental activities.  The campaign suggests “park your car a block away” instead of “take active transit to work”, or “get off bus 1 stop earlier”

ParticipACTION does have blog posts focused on active transportation.  Participants can seek out this information on their website.

Developed reminders and prompts (LOVE LOVE LOVED THE DOOR HANGER IDEA)

So What’s Next?

I will:

  • Set an honest and practical goal
  • Seek out new easy, practical, and social activities
  • Stick with it

I challenge you to:

  • Pilot the challenge and measure your physical fitness levels with a
  • Set an honest and practical goal
  • Keep it easy practical and social
  • Challenge your co-workers and workplace to get active with you

5 thoughts on “Squeeze in Activity – Not Into Your Jeans

  1. Katherine Janson says:

    Thanks for your enthusiasm for Sneak It In Week! Love it.
    Director of Communications & Public Affairs


    • kechlin says:

      Thanks for your comment Katherine. We think your campaign is fantastic! I see that ParticipAction is updating their list of tools and resources for 2015. Would you consider including goal-setting and pro-environmental activities to the list? 🙂


      • Georgia Barrington says:

        Hi kechlin, I’m just responding on behalf of ParticipACTION because I’m part of the team working on Sneak it In Week for 2015. We can certainly consider goal-setting activities, but I thought I would point you to our already-existing pro-environmental activities on the website. As you know we’re a national organization, so we suggested ‘parking the car’ further away to encourage this option for Canadians who live too far to walk/cycle/take public transport. If you’d like more active transportation ideas that are green–we’d love for you to look at our Blogs tagged under ‘Active Transportation’ http://www.participaction.com/tag/active-transportation/ If there are other questions I can answer–please don’t hesitate to ask! 🙂

        Georgia Barrington
        Marketing Coordinator


  2. kechlin says:

    The countdown is on #sneakitin! Sneak It In Week is scheduled for April 6 – 10, 2015. So, what are you waiting for? Download ParticipACTION’s new tools and spread the word about this fantastic initiative on your Facebook and Twitter.


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